Vacancies at MediaReach OMD

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mediaReach OMD is West and Central Africa’s No.1 independent media specialist. We are focused on developing & providing world class media planning and buying services to leading international clients across this sub-region. Starting operations in 1999, mediaReach OMD has grown to become the biggest media agency in West & Central Africa today.

The agency has given direction to the practice of media planning and buying in Nigeria and indeed the West & Central African sub-region. In the first year of operation, mediaReach OMD revolutionized media practice in Nigeria by initiating standards to ensure unprecedented high media compliance by media owners and prompt payments for placements implemented. Within eighteen months of operation, mediaReach OMD led the industry in positive directions by championing the launch of media planning data & tools. Proprietary tools launched and still in use today include ESPRI and Media Star for effective and efficient media plans.

MediaReach OMD is currently seeking creative minds in various different field with the ability to achieve result, and maintain the companies integrity.

MediaReach OMD employs strategic, analytical, innovative, energetic and genuine people

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